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and Bthe31

Brandi Biesiadecki is crazy about Jesus, her hot husband, her personality-filled kids, a turtle (candy), and coffee. Those are the most important things.

Besides that and for those who want details, she has her M.A. in Women’s Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is a warm, fun, and passionate speaker bringing the Word of God alive to women with real-life application.  She has been a missionary to Central Asia and is a devoted pastor’s wife, homemaker, mother to four children, author, and leads women's ministry at her church, First Baptist Church, Bartlesville, OK. Her ministry priorities focus on sharing the gospel, teaching, and discipleship of women. She has served on the Women's Advisory Council of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Women's Leadership Team of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Her secular work background included writing software and technical manuals for military weaponry systems.

What's Bthe31? That's my goal and that's my ministry. I want to be the Proverbs 31 woman and spur other women on to do the same. It's like a measuring stick to know where I really am or am not. Its like a personal trainer to push me farther than I would go otherwise. As a believer and as a woman, I have a responsibility to live out biblical womanhood. This blog will offer imperfect glimpses into what that looks like and at other times, long, deep theological discussions. 

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