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Loving the Gay Community

When considering how other people choose to live their life and how we choose to live our own lives, it is important to understand what sin is. We don’t define sin. God, the Creator, defines sin, and we find His thoughts about sin in His Word, the Bible. It says that homosexual behavior is sin, that gluttony is sin, that gossip is sin, that jealousy is sin, and more. It teaches how to live quiet and peaceable lives by understanding these things and surrendering to Christ. God’s Word also teaches us how to deal with our own sin and how to deal with the sin of others.

Matthew 7:1-5 tell us to not “judge” others in the opening. You hear it all the time. “Don’t judge me.” You hear, “How they want to live their lives is up to them. It’s not for me to judge.” Well, if you read just a little further, it says to deal with your own sin first. Get yourself right first. Then, it says you’re ready to gently talk to your brother about his sin, or your sister (if I must be specific). Patterned in Scripture, we see as believers, we are to speak to the issue of sin whether to a believer or unbeliever. How? We appeal to others with gentleness and humility (Galatians 6:1) all the while recognizing we were saved from a wretched condition. It doesn’t mean leaving a nasty note to a lesbian waitress. It means being broken for them, being kind, and sharing truth as the opportunities are available—just like you would for anyone else. You may or may not have a moment to share Christ with your waitress but you will have an opportunity with your friend.

My friend, Laura Perry, who came out of a transgender lifestyle, has said with absolute surety that we cannot be silent about the sin and emptiness found in a lifestyle without Christ, specifically a gay lifestyle. Her advice has been to keep speaking truth in love--that being gay is sin and will leave you empty. To love them as a believer in Christ is to remember that we were saved from despicable sin and only set free by the grace of God and in love we are called to speak the truth about their sin. Whether someone is gay, or living together before marriage, or being caught up in materialism, we must speak to them about their sin, and let them know that true freedom is found in turning from that sin and following Christ. Proverbs 25:7 tell us, “Open rebuke is better than secret love” (KJV). If you truly love others, you will want to see them set free.

I encourage you to read my friends story. (click here)

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