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"I was wildly in love…with a woman."

Not willingly, but for some reason, Oprah’s magazine has been coming in the mail to me. Usually, I trash them, but this time, I thought I’d see what conversational piece it might hold. The first article I found left me disheartened.

It was about this beautiful woman whose marriage fell apart after publishing a book on saving her marriage. Her response to this is what people are hearing on mainstream media, what kids are hearing in school, what many churches are echoing, and what social media comments are tweeting. She found herself in love with a woman, and that was a truth she needed to embrace. She discussed this with God and proudly assessed that rather than deny herself, she would follow her heart and pursue this new found love, regardless of who it hurt—even her children. After all, this was “truth.”

What is truth? Is it true that she “loved” a woman? It is undeniable that she had a passionate desire and feelings for this woman. It was a fact. That being true doesn’t mean you act on your feelings. You might feel like punching someone in the face, but you don’t act on it. Our feelings are quite often stupid and unreliable, especially those of us with female hormones. Unfortunately, every Disney movie and everywhere you look you see and hear, “Follow your heart.” Jeremiah 17:9 is clear that our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked. Following an untempered heart is the dumbest advice you can give anyone.

So, what is truth? Jesus said in John 17:17, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” We don’t define truth. God defined truth. When we find ourselves feeling a certain way, or facing a decision, we look to God’s Word on how to live. The truth of His Word will tell us how to handle the ugly truth of how we feel. We don’t just follow our heart. And if you are putting yourself over someone else, you are quite possibly making a wrong decision. As Christ followers, we are called to deny ourselves (Luke 9:23).

Homosexuality is clearly a sin. When your truth is in conflict with The Truth, you are in a perilous situation. Acting on it would be sinful no matter how you feel about that person. What if you say you were born that way? Remember, just because you have a desire, doesn’t mean you act on it. When you are delighting in God (Ps.37:4) which means in His Word, His ways, and His Truth, you can probably act on your desires when those actions are consistent with the Bible—God’s Truth.

These are important table conversations with your family so your children understand and know how to discuss acting on your heart’s desire and following what is true. Ask them: Is following your heart wise? When would it be ok to follow your heart? What is truth? Who determines truth? Blessings to you as you guide them in truth.

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