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Target on Your Back

Recently, I was watching someone play the game where sitting ducks appear in a field and they are shot. It was obvious where they were, and they were all shot pretty easily. It reminded me of a movie where a sniper took out random, innocent people on a street who were wide open easy targets in order to hide that there was an intentional targeted person.

If I knew at some point I was going to be in the line of fire as I went about my regular daily routine, I would wear a bullet proof vest (if hiding wasn’t an option). The reality is as believers we do have a target on us. We are reminded of that in Ephesians 6. It starts off encouraging us where we should draw our focus and strength—to be strong in the Lord.

Who is targeted? If you’re taking it easy, living in sin, and doing your own thing, you’re already taken down, but if you are sold-out and radically walking in obedience to Christ, you are most definitely the target of Satan. Have you seen those scenes in movies where the bad calls to threaten the good guy (who is a threat to the bad guy) and says, “I saw your daughter at school today.” Satan will not only attack you, he will attack your spouse, your kids, and those dear to you if you are a threat to Him. He is to be respected but not feared.

What do you do when you are under blasts of Satan as a shooter? I had a day recently where the attacks of the enemy were so rampant and relentless it was obvious what was happening. You should know, Satan is not randomly attacking but he is attacking according to sophisticated schemes and well thought out strategies to bring you down.

Specifically, we are to “put on the whole armor of God” with truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, and last, but not least, your salvation. How in the world is this practical? In battle, we use strategy and we use weapons as tools to defeat the enemy. When you get a moment, ask God to show you how to use truth, righteousness, faith, and these other things as tools and strategies against the enemy. Satan already has his strategy and his attacks are already coming. Don’t wait. Pray. Choose your daily strategy and actively fight with your spiritual weapons!

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