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Christmas – Seize the Moment!

This week I’ve had several interesting conversations with people I didn’t know—some at the mall, some at other stores, and some at the doctor’s office. Each one divine yet intentional. All were moments to be seized. Today’s conversation was enlightening as many are. I’ll tell you about that one in a minute, but with this, let me say I love Christmas! It is undoubtedly my favorite holiday partly because I can have these meaningful conversations with people so easily.

I love Christmas because of Christ. I love telling people Merry Christmas after I checkout at a store or wherever I can squeeze it in. It reminds me, and whoever hears me, that this season is special. It’s short. It’s not just an ordinary holiday. It is the thing for which I should be most grateful and the season that should be most celebrated!

So, today’s conversation was awesome. I was paying a clerk for a large medical bill at an appointment. As I sat in the chair, I was thinking, “Hm. She seems nice and very moral. She is probably a Christian.” Just then, the computer stalled. I knew I should seize the moment, and I love these moments! They happen often as I’m praying to share Christ with someone in a checkout or elsewhere. I can completely and unashamedly take their time in conversation because they have to just stand there when their computer stalls! It’s pretty fantastic.

Knowing I can’t assume she’s been snatched out of hell, I proceeded to ask her if she likes Christmas, and she said she did. I agreed and said, “Yeah, if it wasn’t for Christmas, I wouldn’t be who I am today.” She then said, “Yes. It’s about the gifts and giving. I love giving.” I responded, “I love giving, too, but if Jesus didn’t come, I wouldn’t be the same. He changed my life many years ago. Now, I know I’ll spend an eternity with him instead of in hell.” The conversation went on a little further, and she clearly heard of the Christ of Christmas.

Wherever you are, be sure you are proclaiming Christ. It won’t happen if you are not intentional. We are called to reconcile a lost world to Jesus. “All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation… Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us” (2 Cor. 5:18,20a). An ambassador has a specific message assigned to him; he has to be intentional. We are called to proclaim Christ. Enjoy your Christmas season by seizing the moment and telling others of the change Christ has made in you! Merry Christmas!

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